A Year in Review: 2015 Advocacy Highlights

Last year was a challenging year for homeless assistance and affordable housing advocates. Despite plenty of uphill battles against budget restraints, congressional gridlock, and competing policy priorities they persevered and achieved some very impr…

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New Budget Bill Supports Youth

By now, you know that Congress avoided another shutdown by passing a budget bill late last year which happened to include increased funding for homelessness assistance. But did you know that this budget bill also does a lot to support homeless youth?…

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Deborah De Santis: Solutions

There are solutions to many of the challenges facing our society today. This isn’t just New Year’s optimism; it comes from what I see every day. My faith in supportive housing stems from proof that it solves some of the toughest issues and the promising results springing from its many applications.

Occasionally I cite facts and figures because data is vital to proving supportive housing’s case. One of its hallmarks is that it is performance and data-driven. But it’s the personal stories, independently sought out and verified, of how supportive housing transforms lives and benefits communities that really underpin my enthusiasm and positive outlook.

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