Laura Rena Murray: Too Young to Help

I went back to my hometown, Philadelphia, to report a story on runaway and homeless youth for Al Jazeera America. It was a difficult story to report because I was one of those kids.
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The Invisible Girl

What Do You See When You Look at Me

Do you see the homeless little girl I used to be or,
the woman lawyer that so many people helped me to be?

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Homeless Services Don’t End Homelessness

Homelessness is often described as a problem we must solve—and Los Angeles city and county now have expensive plans to do so. Homelessness is also an industry.

And as George Mason professor Craig Willse shows in his book, The Value of Homelessness: Managing Surplus Life in the United States, that industry is designed to manage costs rather than challenge the mechanisms that create and maintain homelessness.

As someone who has spent eight years working in nonprofit homeless services and studying homelessness, Willse’s book struck a nerve. It also confirmed the hypocrisy of my situation—of my desire to help those most vulnerable due to their extreme poverty, and my knowledge that I’m part of an industry dependent on the existence of extreme poverty.

Homeless services don’t end homelessness; they manage it. While the industry is dominated by nonprofits, there is money to be made, and we have accepted the reality

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Homelessness as a State of Emergency

In 2015, a few communities experienced increases in their unsheltered homeless population and opted to take urgent action by declaring homelessness a State of Emergency (SOE). Although homelessness has always been a crisis, these communities declared…

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LaDonna Pavetti: President’s Budget Boosts Funding to Fight Deep Poverty

Recognizing the long-term consequences that children face when they live in deep poverty the President’s budget includes new initiatives to help deeply poor families improve their circumstances and prevent other families from falling into such poverty.

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Homelessness Today: That Was Then, This Is Now

After 20 years, the work of ending homelessness is much more difficult. The people we help are much more chronically homeless than before. Our supporters are more jaded. Our community is less compassionate for people who have been on their streets for decades.

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