P/t Grants Consultant Needed

Grantwriter Needed March 2019


Our Community LA (OCLA) is a small volunteer led non-profit organization dedicated to bringing resource information and services to homeless youth, families and adults in the greater Los Angeles area. We publish the only comprehensive Directory of Services for Homeless Youth, Families and Adults and the region’s only mobile app (WIN) designed to empower regional homeless youth, families and adults to locate the services they need to build a life out of poverty. Both the Directory and WIN are provided free to those in need and can be found in the iTunes and Googleplay stores as well as on our website.

OCLA is excited to embark on a growth initiative to enhance its mission and capabilities by reaching out to agencies and sponsors to apply for additional funding through grants.  OCLA is accepting applications for its first part-time grant writer and is looking for an experienced grant consultant who will set up our grants calendar, create our grants narrative and oversee our organizations grants process.

The grant writer’s primary responsibility will be to assist with researching and exploring regional and national grant opportunities as well as writing and editing grant proposals, progress reports and submissions. The grant writer will review the sponsor guidelines to ensure that specific funding requirements are met in the grant proposal. The grant writer also will coordinate and carry out procedures designed to increase efficiency and quality of proposals, including innovative ways to streamline the grant production process.

OCLA is a virtual organization and the grantwriter should be comfortable working from home/remotely.


  • Excellent management skills to maintain and organize multiple grant projects including program grant submissions.
  • Strong proficiency in operating computer including Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook email).
  • Experience and skill with writing and editing grant applications, with ability to develop adapt grant proposals to specific sponsor requirements.
  • Ability to handle sensitive materials and confidential information with discretion and tact.
  • Ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously.
  • Excellent skill in setting priorities to meet deadlines and reflect accurately the relative importance of job duties and assignments.
  • Excellent organizational skills necessary to complete tasks in an efficient manner and with minimal supervision.
  • Flexibility to respond effectively to changing priorities and fluctuating workloads.
  • Must be conscientious in attention to detail.
  • Experience and proficiency in researching grant opportunities and performing systematic reviews of such opportunities using search engines



Interested individuals should contact Our Community LA at [email protected]

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How Singing In A Choir Helped Homeless People In San Diego Find Their Voice

She went into a church across the street to charge her phone, and that was when she spotted them ― several dozen people getting ready for their weekly choir rehearsal. “I was like, ‘Sign me up right away,’” she said.

Joining a choir had been on Rydiander’s bucket list for years. But the choir rehearsal she stumbled upon that day wasn’t just any rehearsal ― it was for Voices Of Our City Choir, a choir created for people experiencing homelessness in San Diego. Rydiander, at that point, had been homeless for about two months after losing her place to live and struggling with alcohol addiction.

Voices Of Our City, which sings everything from “Over The Rainbow” to Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On,” was co-founded in the summer of 2016 by professional guitarist Steph Johnson, 38, who set out to do something ― anything ― to address the increasingly evident homelessness crisis in San Diego, where she’d lived her whole life. From 2016 to 2017, the number of people living in tents and hand-built structures in downtown San Diego increased by 104 percent.

“Homelessness had just exploded,” Johnson told HuffPost. “So many more people were on the street. … I saw all these people getting arrested, and all their things getting thrown away.”

It all started for Johnson when she began going out to meet people living on the streets, playing music with them when the opportunity arose. “Just kind of hanging. Getting to know people,” she said. In doing so, she realized she had a lot of misconceptions about what it meant to be homeless. Many of the people she was meeting had jobs that they’d get up and go to every day, and many had kids ― some of whom were living with them on the streets.

Inspired by a woman she met who was part of a choir for homeless people in Chicago, Johnson decided to set up something similar in her home city. She sought out a church willing to host the weekly choir practices, and Voices Of Our City Choir was born. Read more here.

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