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Our Community LA® connects ANYONE who is struggling, homeless or in need of help to free supportive services.

Founded on principles of social equity, OCLA® believes that NO ONE should be without food, shelter, or unable to access essential services simply because they do not know how to find help.



Begin with WIN Free, Easy, & Anonymous!

WIN What I Need™ is a mobile app designed to empower anyone in need to search for and connect to nearby free supportive services. Available 24/7, WIN offers you the ability to learn about free local programs so you can choose the help you need.

Trust WIN to help you today!

Find Help

Are you experiencing homelessness or struggling to pay bills and afford food? Search OCLA’s programs for free information about supportive services. Remember, OCLA never asks you for your personal information- Searches of WIN app and the Directory are Anonymous!


Download the free #WINApp or use online to search for helpful services near you!


Use the Directory of Services for Homeless Youth and Adults to search for supportive services in LA County.

Community Resources

Find other helpful community resources here

Survive & Thrive Videos

Watch Team WIN's "Cooking with Pearl" series featuring how to cook delicious, healthy, low cost meals. Read Voices of Team WIN blog by Andria D featuring a students view on living with resource insecurity. And see our YouTube SurVibe series for tips on how to get a lifeline phone, shop for a food pantry and more!

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About Our Community LA®

Our Community LA (OCLA) was founded on the principles of social equity with the goal of breaking information barriers that restrict knowledge about available essential resources. Our programs leverage technology to empower homeless and resource-insecure youth, families and adults to easily find free programs that meet their immediate needs as well as locate services that may assist them in their efforts to move away from a life of poverty.

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Learn About Homelessness & Resource Insecurity

The experience of Homelessness, which includes sleeping on the streets or in a shelter, living in a vehicle, couch surfing, and over-crowding against lease, is stressful, scary and often traumatic.

The causes of homelessness are complex and vary widely but for many the Pipeline to Homelessness is severe Resource Insecurity; living month-to-month with the fear of being unable to afford rent, transportation, medication and/or adequate food for oneself or family.

Have you ever known a child to state she wanted to be Homeless when she grew up?

Learn About Homelessness & Resource Insecurity Here

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How You Can Help

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You can Make a Difference!

Support OCLA’s programs and help us connect those who are newly homeless and/or struggling to easily find helpful resources.

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Join OCLA’s Angel Circle!

OCLA Angels offer essential ongoing support for our technology, programming and outreach! Please consider making your pledge to become an Angel today!

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Become an OCLA® Volunteer!

OCLA offers volunteer opportunities you can do from home as well as opportunities to serve within the community! We’d love to welcome you to the team!

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