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Transition Age Youth and the Child Protection System: Demographic and Case Characteristics: California (2015)

August 3, 2015
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Transition Age Youth and the Child Protection System: Demographic and Case Characteristics: California

Stephanie Cuccaro-Alamin, Ivy Hammond, Jacquelyn McCroskey, Daniel Webster, and Emily Putnam-Hornstein, Children’s Data Network

Search Terms: TAY, racial disparities, gender disparities, foster care, California, housing, AB12, policy

Summary: Also known as the Children’s Data Network Report on Transition Age Youth. Adverse outcomes for youth emancipating from foster care in the United States have been well documented. In response to this evidence, the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation launched an ambitious program strategy in March 2012 to assist youth transitioning out of foster care in California and New York City. The TAY population in care will likely continue to grow as more opt to become non-minor dependents in order to take advantage of the housing and tuition assistance offered by AB12. This report suggests that proportion of TAY in care at age 16- 17 however may remain stable or decline.

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Los Angeles County Services for Transition Age Youth: Programs, Data and Recommendations (2007)

August 3, 2015
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Los Angeles County TAY Working Group

Search Terms: transition age youth, policy, social services, Los Angeles, casa, insurance, demographics

Summary: This report provides an overview of the conditions of youth ages 11-25 in Los Angeles County, along with specific information on programs and services provided by County government. It is apparent in most parts of Los Angeles County that historic boundaries between government jurisdictions, institutions and programs make it harder rather than easier for youth and families to find the help and support they need. It will take the combined efforts of families, communities, schools, cities, community-based agencies and faith groups to help our youth succeed in school and in life, and to help communities support families so that they can give their children the best possible start.

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