Local Homeless Collaboratives

Regional Coalitions

Region: Antelope Valley (SPA 1):

Antelope Valley Homeless Coalition (no website) contact: Pamela Griffin, MBA, Regional Systems Director for CES Valley Oasis;  661-723-7772;  [email protected]

The Antelope Valley Homeless Coalition are concerned with homelessness policy and service provision in the largest region in the county. Meetings are held once a month, typically in Lancaster

Region: San Fernando Valley (SPA 2):

San Fernando & Santa Clarita Valley Homeless Coalition (SFSCVHC) (no website)

contact: Co-Chair-Eddie Sanders, [email protected]

The San Fernando & Santa Clarita Valley Homeless Coalition is a group of providers and community partners who seek to address homelessness within the valley regions. Monthly meetings feature guest speakers and local problem solving around the needs of the local homeless population and the providers that serve them.

Region: San Gabriel Valley (SPA 3):

San Gabriel Valley Consortium on Homelessness http://sgvc.org/

Leading the local effort to house homeless individuals, the Consortium facilitates partnerships, educates the community and member agencies, and advocates for appropriate housing and services.

Region: Hollywood/Wilshire (SPA 4)

Hollywood Homeless Youth Providers: http://hhyp.org/

The Hollywood Homeless Youth Partnership (HHYP) is a partnership of youth-serving agencies that prevent and reduce homelessness among youth and young adults through •Service Impact •Research & Evaluation •Training & Capacity Building •Policy & Advocacy. Its member agencies are among the pre-eminent experts on the issues of youth homelessness in Los Angeles, the current homeless capital of America. As service providers, HHYP works to achieve best practices in service delivery with the goal of strengthening interventions to help homeless youth exit the streets, overcoming the traumatic experiences at the core of their homelessness.

Region Metro LA (SPA 4)

Central Providers Collaborative (no website) contact: Herb Smith [email protected]

Meeting monthly, the Central providers members focus their agenda primarily on the adult homeless population of Skid Row that they serve. Members and community representatives are often invited to present on best models for health and safety, mental health, shelter, basic needs and other supportive services.

Region: Boyle Heights (SPA 4):

Boyle Heights/East LA Homeless Coordinating Council (no website)

contact: Eric Hubbard [email protected]

The SPA 4 Homeless Coordinating Counsel works closely with LA Housing Services Authority to provide continuum of care for East LA resident in need of supportive services.

Region: Santa Monica/Venice/West LA (SPA 5)

Westside Homeless Youth Providers (no website) contact: Alison Hurst, [email protected]

The Westside Homeless Youth Providers work together to strengthen the system of care available to westside homeless youth. Typically meeting the 3d Friday of each month at 1:30, providers, community stakeholders and funders collaboratively consider how to improve and solve community and system challenges facing minor and young adult unaccompanied homeless youth.

Region : Santa Monica/Venice/West LA (SPA 5)

Westside Coalition http://www.westsideshelter.org/

The Westside Coalition (WC) is an alliance of over 35 organizations, public agencies and faith communities committed to ending hunger and homelessness through service coordination, public education and advocacy. All are welcome at meeting on the third Thursday of the month at Mt. Olive Lutheran Church, 1343 Ocean Park Blvd, Santa Monica- Meetings begin at 9:00am.

Region: South LA (SPA 6):

South L.A. Homeless Transition Age Youth and Foster Care Collaborative: http://www.southlatay.org/

The mission of the South Los Angeles Homeless Transition Age Youth (TAY) and Foster Care Collaborative is to prevent and end youth homelessness in the South Los Angeles region.  Driven by the belief that strategic community partnerships are essential for creating a system of care that will best meet the needs of homeless Transition Age Youth (TAY) and Foster Care youth, ages 16-25, the Collaborative is working with agencies serving TAY and foster care youth, community leaders, and youth in South Los Angeles.

Region: South LA ( SPA 6)

SPA 6 Homeless Coalition (no website) contact; Veronica Lewis [email protected]

Meeting the second Friday of each month at 10:00am, the S. L.A. Providers connect in support of local continuum of care issues, to share funding opportunities and support the homeless count.

Region: East County (SPA 7)

Spa 7 Homeless Coalition (no website) contact: VanessaSedano [email protected]

East County providers who serve homeless individuals and participate in the countywide continuum of care meet monthly.

Region: Long Beach (SPA 8):

Long Beach Area Coalition for the Homeless, http://homelesslb.org

The Long Beach Area Coalition for the Homeless meets the first Wednesday of every month from 9-10am at the Goodwill Headquarters, 800 West Pacific Coast Highway, Long Beach. Members focus community concern on ending homelessness through education, support for political and economic change to decrease homelessness, and support for services that empower people. The Mission of the Long Beach Area Coalition for the Homeless is to focus community concern on ending homelessness through education, support for political and economic change to decrease homelessness, and support for services that empower people.  

Region: South Bay (SPA 8)

South Bay Coalition to End Homelessness http://www.sbceh.org

The South Bay Coalition to End Homelessness’s mission is to transform and end homelessness in the South Bay through education, advocacy and coordination. They meet the 3rd Wednesday of each month at different venues throughout the South Bay.

Region: Glendale

Glendale Continuum of Care Committee (no committee website) Glendale website: http://glendaleca.gov/government/city-departments/community-services-parks/programs-services/homeless-services )

The City of Glendale supports the Continuum of Care Committee and works closely with the providers to coordinate goals and support systems for the city’s homeless.

Region: Pasadena

Pasadena Continuum of Care http://urban-initiatives.org/phhn/index.html

Pasadena Housing and Homeless Network is a diverse group of public and private agencies, foundations, faith-based and non-profit groups dedicated to offering a citywide, coordinated continuum of care for Pasadena’s homeless and needy.

Other Los Angeles Area Coalitions focused on Homelessness

LA Coalition to End Youth Homelessness: http://www.laceyh.org/

This coalition of homeless-youth service providers, youth, policy makers, county/system representatives, community partners, advocates, and funders meets quarterly and actively works together to promote and support efforts toward preventing and ending youth homelessness in Los Angeles County.

LA Homeless Funders Group (no website) contact:  Carol at [email protected]

The purpose of the Los Angeles Homeless Funders Group’s goal is to build a regional network of private and philanthropic funders working to prevent and end homelessness who 1) Invest in effective, strategic and innovative grant-making 2) Mobilize leadership, ideas and partnerships to communicate what works and why and 3) Promote more efficient use of local, state and national resources. Attendance is limited to funders only.

Government Resources

LA Homeless Services Authority: http://www.lahsa.org/about

Governed by a 10 member politically appointed commission, LAHSA’s mission is to support, create and sustain solutions to homelessness in Los Angeles County by providing leadership, advocacy, planning, and management of program funding.