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There are many paths to homelessness, and each person experiences it differently.

Whether they are a former foster youth, a re-entering gang member who is trying to avoid the hood, a family forced to sleep on a friend’s floor in order to stay together, a couch-surfing college student who cannot afford tuition and rent, or a senior whose fixed income can no longer keep pace with rising rents, anyone experiencing homelessness is suffering the loss of a safe, stable place to call their own where they can sleep each night.

There are also many different experiences of resources insecurity; one thing all have in common however is the lack of access to adequate resources to meet their daily basic needs.

Here you can learn facts about homelessness and resource insecurity in LA County and the U.S.., the important role technology can play in supporting those who are struggling, and read featured news articles and summaries of published research.

Vienna, Austria - January 30, 2020: Homeless man laying on warm ventilation grill and look internet on his tablet

Technology is a Direct Service Need

Mobile technology meets a direct service need of LA’s homeless- it supports pathways out of poverty by offering important  human connections, provides access to empowering information and serves as a vital safety tool

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Defining Homelessness & Resource Insecurity Pipeline

Having no safe space to call your own to sleep at night is traumatic—and living in fear of this happening to you is a source of fear and anxiety for many. Learn more about how different branches of our government define homelessness, and how those living in deep poverty, barely surviving paycheck to paycheck, can slide into homelessness.

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Yes, the Homeless Typically Have Cell Phone and Here’s How

Did you know that homeless, extremely low-income and others such as domestic violence victims have been eligible for free or sliding scale cell phones since the Bush administration?

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Read the Research about Homeless and Resource Insecurity Here

The following Summaries and Links to Published Research are made available as a public service to advance regional understanding about youth homelessness. 

Los Angeles, California, USA - January 27, 2009: Two sets of newspaper headlines, one from the Los Angeles Times documents massives job losses and layoffs. The recession that began in 2008 has continued for several years.

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