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Voices of Team WIN Homelessness can affect anyone! We know this from personal experience.  So Team WIN has decided to launch this blog page to discuss topics relating to the experience homelessness. We want to not only spread awareness about how homelessness impacts so many people, especially students, but also show that we how much care and support all people experiencing homelessness.  We are the voices of Team WIN and we hope you enjoy this page! Meet Team WIN Members Team WIN is a part of a non profit organization...
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Mental Health Links to Homelessness

By: Andria D., Team WIN member  Everyday millions of Americans suffer from mental health challenges or have mental health conditions which affect their daily lives. A 2017 National Survey on Drug Use and Health says that nearly 1 in 5 American adults will have a diagnosable mental health condition in any given year. Homelessness affects the mind and body and is one of many factors that lead to mental illness. I know that homelessness was a leading cause of the mental health challenges I experienced a few years ago.  How...
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College Students: Too Many are Suffering from Homelessness by Andria D. 

Most of us work our hardest to succeed in life. But sometimes simply working hard at school and work isn’t enough. I am asking you to think about the barriers  homelessness presents to students who are trying so hard to get an education to move further in life. Kelly’s Story: One Student’sStory Kelly (name has been changed)  is  a current student at a two-year college. She is also homeless and is staying at a local shelter in Venice. She sleeps in a room with fourteen other women with only small...
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College Students: Struggling with Food Insecurities by Andria D.

We've discussed college students suffering from homelessness, today’s focus is on college students who struggle with food insecurities. As you may know, housing insecurities do not always mean that one is homeless or living in a shelter. It could also  mean that a person may have unstable living situations like couch surfing or rent payment issues and most students in the situation struggle with access to regular meals. Students struggling with food insecurities don't always know where their next meal is coming from. When you're a student and you have...
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College Students: Making Affordable Meals on a Budget

In my previous post I went into detail about how many college students suffer from housing and food insecurities. Some students can feel afraid to ask for resources that link them to housing or food or they may not know about them. In today’s section of my three-part series about college students, I will be focusing on food support and will share a couple of affordable meals you can make while on a budget and talk about some grocery stores that have low-cost items. As I mentioned, many college campuses...
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Pursuing College While Pregnant

March 2024:  Pursuing college as a student struggling with resource insecurity can be a battle in itself but going to college while pregnant can be an even bigger challenge. I found out I was pregnant last year at the end of August and was extremely shocked about being pregnant. I am only part way through my community college degree and I have worked hard to find ways to study and pursue my education while working to support myself. Now I would not only have to care for myself but for...
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