Our Expert Forum

Periodically we will be inviting a local expert to share data or research about issues facing our resource insecure and/or homeless youth/students/families or adults.¬† If you would like to write or share an article please send to [email protected]

We would like to publish articles by or interviews of researchers, educators, program directors, volunteers, advocates, government employees and more. We know that those with much to share have encountered and learned about the life conditions and systems barriers facing homeless youth are operating in many different spheres: social workers, professors, mental health professional, health care professionals, parents, youth who were formerly homeless. They have important experiences and valuable lessons to teach us. We would like to offer articles on a wide variety of topics such as the impact of homelessness of educational and employment success, parenting on the streets, the relationship between mental health and homelessness, substance addiction and abuse, as well as consider why so many of our systems-involved  youth (ages 18-25) are homeless.