Youth Homelessness

Fact Sheets

Los Angeles Youth Homelessness: Causes And Challenges

COMMON REASONS LA’S YOUTH ARE HOMELESS – Economic or family issues are the most common causes of a child or youth becoming homeless…

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Counting LA’s Unaccompanied Homeless Youth

On Any Given Night In LA County: How Many Unaccompanied Children And Youth Are Experiencing Homelessness? Reported Numbers Vary Widely However Experts Estimate 4000 To More Than 10,000 Youth —- Not Counting Hidden Youth

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Growing Numbers and Hiding in Plain Sight

The numbers of Youth experiencing homelessness is GROWING in Los Angeles and the United States. Unlike the Department of Education, HUD does not consider a youth homeless just because she does not have a permanent safe nighttime residence. Hidden youth calculations are not included in HUD’s estimations homeless youth.

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Fact of the Week

25% increase in LA’s Homeless Students from 2011-2016

LA County Schools who report a 25% increase in students experiencing homelessness between 2011-2016. (LACOE 2016) This represents a crisis for underfunded schools.  Kids suffering from homelessness, are nine times more likely to repeat a grade, four times more likely to drop out, and three times more likely to be placed in special education programs.   Compared with students who are merely low-income, homeless students suffer from higher rates of health and mental health problems, and lower graduation rates. Bottom line: Homeless students are rarely “just” homeless. They experience trauma, loss, instability, and are uniquely vulnerable. (Institute for Children, Poverty, and Homelessness, 2017)

Research Summaries

Research_Folder_canstockphoto20828636This research bibliography is offered for those who wish to learn more. If you know of additional research related to the topics covered on the website, please send us the title and citation.

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Our Expert Forum

expert_microphone_canstockphoto28738081Periodically we will be inviting a local expert to share data or research about issues facing our resource insecure and/or homeless youth. We will be looking to publish articles by or interviews of researchers, educators, program directors, volunteers, advocates, government employees and more.

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