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Voices of Team WIN

Homelessness can affect anyone! We know this from personal experience. 

So Team WIN has decided to launch this blog page to discuss topics relating to the experience homelessness. We want to not only spread awareness about how homelessness impacts so many people, especially students, but also show that we how much care and support all people experiencing homelessness. 

We are the voices of Team WIN and we hope you enjoy this page!

Meet Team WIN Members

Team WIN is a part of a non profit organization called Our Community L.A. started by Denise McCain. We help outreach to our community through social media and we currently have created a YouTube Channel called “Survibe Series” 

Our plan in Team WIN is to promote the WIN app which helps locate people or families experiencing homelessness or having homeless insecurities to free resources in Los Angeles county. Team WIN has decided to create a blog page where we discuss different topics relating to homelessness each month. 

This month we’ll be introducing our Team WIN members Tony Rodriguez, Perla Espinoza, and the writer of this page, Andria Dunbar.

Meet Tony Rodriguez (Creative Director, Team WIN Member)

Antonio Rodriguez is a creative director and visual designer working with the biggest names in the tech and entertainment industry, From R&D with Netflix and UCLA to full on branded strategy with Triller, Antonio has forged his own path. 

Constantly learning and absorbing what life brings to him. His alma mater is CSULB where he studied Graphic Design and Computer Science. 

He now lives in sunny California, where he also helps OCLA on their mission to create a better and brighter community.

Meet Perla Espinoza ( Social Media Intern, Team WIN Member)

Perla Espinoza is one of Team WIN’s original members and has been with OCLA since December 2018. Perla is currently attending college and studying to become a dietitian. You can see some of her delicious recipes on Team WINs Survibe series “Cooking with Perla” on YouTube where she creates recipes from food pantry foods. 

“It’s important that I work with Team WIN because I know what it’s like and have previously experienced housing insecurities. The WIN app is free, it finds resources near you, and it’s confidential. It’s important that we spread the word so people can ask for help without feeling ashamed.” 

Perla E.

Meet Andria Dunbar ( Social Media Intern, Team WIN Member)

My name is Andria Dunbar and I’ve been working with OCLA since 2021, as a social media intern and a current member of Team WIN, I’ve been working with my team by promoting the WIN app through social media and by tabling at events that giveaway food and hygiene bags and more. 

As a person who has experienced being homeless and feeling like I didn’t have any options, I’m proud to be a part of a team that truly cares about their community and wants to help lead people who are suffering from homelessness to free resources that they might need. 

I’m also currently a student at Southwest Los Angeles College where I’m minoring in English and majoring in journalism where I dream to become a professional blogger. 

New Blogs Coming Soon

With this blog page we’ll be discussing important topics with the audience at least twice a month. I’m very excited to begin this blog journey with you and be sure to stay tuned to next month’s topics where I’ll be writing about mental health awareness and students experiencing homelessness or having homeless insecurities.